Sunken Garden Windsor

A project with a few structural challenges, this sunken garden in Windsor demonstrated the perseverance and resilience of our team.

This garden was completed a couple years ago and was previously just a single staircase leading up to the garden.

To remove to concrete staircase, a 5 m x 4 meter area was dug out of the garden, which was a difficult task. This was because all 3 tonnes of the soil had to be removed by hand and wheelbarrowed through a tight Georgian house on Park street Windsor. 

A contemporary aesthetic was one of aims of the sunken garden project. To achieve this, we added granite bullnose capping frame to the upper walls of the garden. Alongside this, granite bullnose steps and a blue grey granite 400 x 600 slabs were installed on the floor using a specialist pointing grout for a superior finish.

The end result was exceptional and the client was extremely happy that lighting was included into the rendered walls.