Vegetable Garden Reading

The aim for the landscaping of this back garden was to transform it into a more functional Kitchen-Garden, which was also pet friendly. 

The rear section of the garden was re-landscaped using Finnish pine timber sleepers for the raised flower beds. There were 7 beds in total, with dimensions of 3000mm x 1500mm and one course high. New top soil membrane drainage was incorporated into the design to help encourage the vegetable plant growth and the membrane to protect the sleepers. Originally, there were two choices for materials to surround the raised flowerbeds: redbrick or natural paving. Although the redbrick was more time consuming work, it produced an English country garden aesthetic.

There was one more flower bed on each side of the initially raised beds. These were utilised as more natural growing areas for foods such as berries. In addition, it had the potential to be used to grow other foods for the household.

The Glasshouse was removed and the foundations retained for the installation of a new one. A new path leading to the back garden was built, which had a small palisade fence. This fence separated the back section to the front section of the garden; helping prevent the family pet from digging up the plants!