Victorian Garden Windsor

The idea behind this project was to create a new classy Victorian style front garden that will reflect the style of the property yet using modern materials.

We created the illusion of space in the garden by utilising the area intelligently. This was achieved by keeping the design simple yet using good quality materials with a professional installation. The garden was designed to mirror the exterior of the property.

A new gate was installed for the entrance of the garden, it was important to get a gate that is original in style yet strong and bold in look.

A Victorian tiled path for the main walkway to the property, there were a few options with the tile choices. The steps that lead to the main door were replaced with a curved bullnose step finish step. A rope edge framed all of the paths.
A contrast of materials created interest and variation to a space.

The garden was quite exposed to the, ‘busy’ Clarence Road, and was a big enough space to have a small seating area to the left of the main door, even if it not used that much it can create an option, clever planting created a private garden without blocking off the light or creating an uninviting barrier.

Two circular flower beds half way down the main path to the left and the right a small paved path lead into both of these and the paving curveD around each small flower bed. Three main beds were planted with Victorian style plants that took into consideration low maintenance for the clients. Olive trees, grasses, camellia.

Each flower bed had lighting installed to create a cool look in the evening.

The existing concrete that caps all of the walls was removed and replaced with a bull nose capped stone, a wrought iron fence finish was installed.